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The Yogic Guide to Life

This is a guest post by Susana Fondón (, one of Dani's students. A while back I saw that my yoga instructor, Dani from the Good Mood Yoga, was going to impart a course staring in January 2022. The "The Good Mood Yogic Guide to Life" is an 11 weekly part experience about applying yogic philosophy into your everyday life. As she very graphically explains it, it's about taking yoga "off the mat". The course will deal with 5 yamas (external ethics) and 5 niyamas (internal ethics) which seems a very a very balanced approach indeed, pun totally intended! You can read more about the contents of the course here ( My practice of yoga to date has been mainly based on the physical side of it and its benefits. However, I had always been very aware that the whole yoga poses, stretches and bends are part of a much wider approach of live. I have vaguely been curious about the philosophy and lifestyle behind it. Never disciplined enough to look into it by myself.

The more I practice the physical part of yoga, the more I experienced a glimpse of the non-physical benefits of it: the mindfulness, calm, relation... and I thoroughly enjoyed what they brought to my life.

Despite of it, when Dani first announced the course, I went through the usual mental excuses NOT to do it: money, time, commitment, self-doubt, resistance to opening up... But in line with the course's tag line, the beginning of the year it seemed like an ideal time to plant new seeds. Plus hearing Dani talk so passionately about how much she is looking forward to impart this course made me take the proverbial by the horns and I put my name down for it. And you know what? I haven't regretted yet! In fact, I'm quite looking forward to it. One quite question for you, the readers: would you like a weekly review of each session or a final one of the course? Which one would you prefer? Note: There are still some spaces left to attend the course, if you are based in Puerto del Carmen (Lanzarote). If you would like to register or too find out more about it or Dani's yoga sessions, please contact her on +34 602 498 914.

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