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The In Between

In my personal practice and in my teaching, I am fascinated and inspired by duality. The middle ground, finding ourselves within the sweet in between. Unshakable, grounded in the midst of a storm, vibrant within monotony. I cannot claim to be always firmly within this state, but I like to use it as an energetical reference point. This little period in between Christmas and the New Year is a time to see ourselves between 2 points. Often around now we get to put ourselves back in the equation after being totally wrapped up in pleasing others. That’s not to say you should now ditch your family and friends and go entirely inwards, be mindful of the line between self care and self obsession, but do try to make some room to check in. A time now to both reflect on the year almost gone and to look forward imaginatively into the new one looming. We are sitting on the cusp and I just think there’s something super cool about that! Over the festivities, like many others, my routines have been out the window, but I feel I’ve gained in getting out of them. I haven’t worked out every day, I’ve stayed up past my bed time and I have made a serious dent in my watching of The Walking Dead (so many seasons!) Today is the first day in a while I’ve had time and energy to roll out the mat and move my body. Taking the time out truly did impact my physical practices for the better, I felt a difference, re-motivated and not just rolling through the motions. Giving your body time to rest is crucial, without breaks we don’t adapt to sustained training, instead we go into survival mode. So here’s to more rest days! I read a very informative and sciency article about this on Women’s Health here:

It is worth noting also that being able to consider sticking to a routine dedicated to your own well being is in itself a privilege, and we should check ourselves if we get snotty without them.

This year has taught me that your world can be turned upside down at the drop of a hat and to be able to show up regardless of whether you have completed a vinyasa flow or not that morning is key to life, that ability to detach + function the same

trumps self care rituals. To quote Carl from TWD (Yes, I'm quoting a fictional teenage character from a zombie show)

"I thought growing up was about getting a job and maybe a family, being an adult. But growing up is making yourself and the people you love safe, as safe as you can because things happen."

During this magical in between period I find myself balancing self care and service to others, strength and vulnerability, gratitude and sorrow. As the year winds down I reflect upon how finding home within myself has been my biggest lesson this year, we too often look outside of ourselves for solutions and crutches, and apply pressure to be either this or that, instead of seeking the balance between opposing forces. We are light and dark, life and death, we are all of it all at once. What are your reflections and projections from the in between?

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