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Skill Swap

Updated: May 8, 2021

One good thing to come out of riding this financially unstable rollercoaster that is living through a pandemic, is finding new ways to exchange goods + services 🤝

Each week @sufondon joins The Good Mood Yoga (always with buckets of good energy) then afterwards we go for tea + I get a Spanish lesson/conversation class🇪🇦

Over the last couple of years my Spanish skills have dwindled due to my own doing of living in a bubble, I decided I don't want to lose my ability to express myself in my second language and in stepped Susana 😊

(( I have since been diagnosed with Irritable Vowel Syndrome but I am managing it just fine 😂 ))

It has been a major frustration to half lose a language. My ability to go about day to day life, make phone calls and even translate for appointments in all kinds of settings is no problem but when it comes to telling someone how something made me feel, doing a great movie justice or telling a mad story I get stuck.

Only recently I decided to face it head on and in my quest to fix it I find the root. I realised the reason I shunned away the notion to self express in Spanish was a result of bullying in school. I associated it with this negative experience. Note that this isn’t a big poor me plight, I just think it’s interesting to have a breakthrough in which we all of a sudden discover blockages and limitations that we have been unknowingly carrying around! It’s made me think like, jeez, what else is living inside of me rent free?!

By letting my second language slip, I have allowed those bullies to have a hold on me, their short term kicks have had long term effects on my life. They probably wouldn’t think a thing of our exchanges and here I am hoarding the emotions!

As I sit writing this entry I am half an hour away from re-entering a Spanish speaking classroom environment to learn how to drive! It feels good to get this out in preparation so I can go in with a clear mind and heart!

Has anybody else been skill swapping recently or have any ideas? Comment below + share your experiences 🙏

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