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Pen Pals

Updated: May 8, 2021

As a kid I remember thinking it would be the coolest thing ever to have a pen pal, a few times I rolled up little letters to no one, stuffed them into bottles and posted them off to sea. Fast forward to 2021 and through the powers of Instagram I have myself the modern day version in Millie Broome from Out of the Mud Meditation. A month or two ago, Millie replied to one of my stories and we got casually chatting about the fire mountains of Lanzarote and somehow from there we were soon collaborating on a IG live Moving Meditation series. In the planning of our work we wound up going from chit chat to past life regression and using each other's Whatsapp boxes as a place to rant, rave and ponder life. With nearly 10 years between us it has served as a sweet reminder that age is just a number, even if I did bristle a little the one time she called me "old people"! I'd like to thank Millie for pushing me to set up this website and for building the whole thing, a total whizz and a wee soul, here's to pen pals!

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