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Recently I was voice noting with a friend exchanging our day to day do's and don'ts when we arrived on the topic of napping. Me supporting the Nap Enthusiast Party and her on the Napping is for Babies Front. Since then I have been ruminating on the popularity of napping and wondering where the majority lies. My friend suggested that my snoozy habits may be a product of my upbringing in Spain - land of the siesta, where school's out at lunch time and don't bother trying to make appointments after 2pm. Although I have lived here the majority of my life I still consider myself to have held on to many Britishisms and was surprised to hear this take on the subject. If I had been brought up in the UK would I have been less likely to have formed this habit? Is napping a cultural thing? Or does it depend on the person? Stereotyping is often problematic but in this sense I hope we can all enjoy the light hearted nature of this line of questioning. To be clear I am referring to a planned nap rather than a nod off. Not as in a meticulously coordinated date and time in the diary situation but rather an on the spot decision to spend 20 minutes to an hour horizontally to recharge, slotted in between tasks. Consider it like when your phone is at 60% and you know that is plenty to get you through but you give it a little plug in to boost it anyway.

I find one thing to keep in mind when what you do for a living is what you love is that you can end up 'at work' all the time. Since my teaching yoga became my main squeeze, I find my nap times more valuable than ever, especially with the work being both physically and emotionally demanding. I guess it depends massively on what you do and how your work and family life is structured. I recognize that I am bloody lucky to have the option. So what do we think, naps for everyone, yay or nay?

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