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An 11 Part Immersive Experience

A deep dive into the Yamas and Niyamas

A course to break down what it means and how to take your yoga “off the mat” , in applying yogic philosophy into your every day life.

Every Sunday we will meet at the Tree of Life to study, discuss, meditate and move with a Yama or Niyama.
The Yamas and Niyamas are an ancient and sacred set of moral codes and principles laid out within the 8 limbs of Patanjalis yoga – together we will explore and find ways to understand and implement these structures into our modern day busy lives. 

The Yamas are a set of 5 ethical codes to lead with in our relationship with the world around us. To compliment and work alongside them are the Niyamas, a set of 5 principles to lead with in our relationship with ourselves.


The teaching´s of these practices are not black and white – therefore the aim of each session is to deep dive into each jewel and find ways to relate to them through discussion, debate, active meditation and embodied movement, as well as being given prompts to take home. The aim is to bring the philosophy to life, to actually live each Yama and Niyama, not just to learn about them. 

The study of these concepts are fundamental to yoga and not only are they a way to honour the roots and traditions of yoga but they are a way to fine tune the way you experience yourself within the world.

This course is designed for yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice beyond just asana (the physical) and to self develop at their soul’s pace, it isn’t goal orientated rather a way to capture that energy that you may have gotten glimpses of within a yoga class, and learn of its origins and nuances. 

It is too for those who maybe don’t have a regular practice or have never done a downward dog in their lives but have a spiritual spark within them that yearns to be tended to.


The new year is an ideal time to plant new seeds, the study of these limbs can be something that carry you through and enrich the rest of your life!


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Yoga Practice
Yoga Mat and Straps

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