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The Good Mood Yoga

My Approach

My passion is to show people from all walks of life how to live a yoga inspired life. 

I value practice over performance and encourage students to embrace all the shakes and wobbles, to tap into their own intuition, respecting the bodies boundaries whilst getting to know the mind. 

Every yoga session is a fresh opportunity to open up a conversation between the body and the mind as a way to tap into the mood, to refine the energy and connect with your Higher Power.

About me

Just a lil yoga nerd sharing the love.

Spending my time running a family guest house between fields of cacti and volcanoes.

Running retreats, designing personalised yoga programmes, holding group sessions around the island and every day discovering something.


"I like the fact that all levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced as Danielle always gives variations for certain poses throughout the practice, so you decide what your level of expertise is or even how your body is feeling that day."

Susana Fondon, local journalist


"I found Danielle through Facebook, I loved the way she made me feel so welcome from the moment I arrived and she transmits a very calming and open energy which is perfect for a yoga teacher. I have been back every week that I have been on the island!"

Charlotte Walton, travel photographer


The Good Mood is exactly that, a good mood! Danielle is a fantastic teacher. The improvements in mental and physical health are amazing. Danielle teaches us to love ourselves!"

Simon Gibbs, chef

Contact me:
Danielle Moody
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.
Phone: 0034 602498914
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